About Me

Two things have been my passion since I was a kid, motorsport and then later on modified cars. As soon as I was old enough to earn money I spent my time at the race track either racing cars, crewing for teams or working on my car.


I started out in Motorkhanas, Hill Climbs and Sprint events in an old Honda Civic Wagon, where I was proud to often stand on the podium in first or second ahead of much more modern cars. Since then, I have also taken the wheel of a few different cars from a Datsun 1600 through to an AE82 Corolla, again taking on and finishing ahead of better engineered and funded competitors. All of that has been at the club level, and so it was with much enthusiasm in early 2013 that I undertook the chance to participate in the Australian Suzuki Swift Racing Series pre-season driver challenge where I finished fourth and just points away from the top spot. While I may not have claimed the top prize, I gained a lot of knowledge from the mentors we worked with over the three days which I will put to good use as I embark on my first full racing season on a national scale.


I then spent the next 2 years working with Lotus, Mercedes Benz Driver Academy, La Baretta and other companies coaching drivers and developing cars on top of winning and placing a number of Australian
and NSW Production Touring Events. Now I pursue business endeavours along with motorsport with the same passion.


I hope to bring exciting content to you through my Youtube Channel and content on the website. Please feel free to take a look around and ask any questions you may have.