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Adaptronic M2000 Modular ECU Up to 8 Cylinders or 4 Rotors


The new Adaptronic M2000 Modular ECU is the step up from the M1200, providing more Injector and Ignition Outputs. 2 x 4 Bar Map Sensors, more inputs and Wifi available in a future firmware upgrade. With the ability to add on another board this ECU will meet almost everyone’s requirements.

Adjustable Short Shifter – BMW


This shifter will work on any manual BMW from E12 to E87 and anything in between. Fitting is simple with at most 3 holes needing to be drilled in the transmission tunnel depending on chassis.

BMW E30/E36/E46 Steering Lock Spacers


A pair of 4.5mm thick steering lock spacers that go between your tie rod inners and the steering rack. This allows your rack to travel 4.5mm further in each direction before the rack end bottoms out. Gives a substantial and noticeable increase to steering lock.

Thread locker is recommended on the inner thread as you cannot use these alongside the factory locking washers.