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Adaptronic M2000 Modular ECU Up to 8 Cylinders or 4 Rotors


The new Adaptronic M2000 Modular ECU is the step up from the M1200, providing more Injector and Ignition Outputs. 2 x 4 Bar Map Sensors, more inputs and Wifi available in a future firmware upgrade. With the ability to add on another board this ECU will meet almost everyone’s requirements.

M6000 Adaptronic Modular ECU



This product is one of the three wire-in universal ECUs we have for our line of Modular ECUs.

Our main objective in creating the Adaptronic Modular ECU line is to further work towards Adaptronic’s mission which is to give people control. In doing this, we came up with a system which would give people greater flexibility and at the same time, overcome the limitations of our older product line – the Select ECUs.